“Floral and Refreshing”

A seasonal Belgian beer with wheat.
A great one for warmer weather;
fruity, spicy & that distinct Belgian aroma


“Rich, Dark, German”

German for ‘Dark’, this cold-fermented

beer is made with Munich malt, wheat, &

a lager yeast for a smooth & rich flavour


"Super Strong & Hoppy"

Our classic APA but double the fun! The same hops and malt, half the water = twice the flavour and an ABV of 8.5%

Belgian Tripel

“Strong Belgian Blonde”

Clean, sweet and smooth, you'll
certainly know when you've tried this
strong Belgian classic

American PAle Ale

“Citrus and Punchy”

A classic American Pale Ale.
Citra dry-hopped with a big hit of grapefruit & notes of caramel.

Blonde Ale

“Light and Hoppy”

A light, straw coloured session ale
with a balanced malt character
and fresh US hops

Honey Amber

“Complex and Aromatic”

Amber in colour & honey malt

makes it aromatic, complex &

distinctive, with a hint of sweetness.

Smoked Porter

“Pitch Black and Smoky”

Coffee, chocolate and wood smoke define this traditional porter. Fresh, zesty hops keep it light and drinkable




Enjoy a drink on-site at the taproom or buy beer
to take away from the brewery shop


Enjoy a drink at the breweries on-site taproom, Thursday–Saturday, with a selection of beers available from the Fisher's range and light bar snacks.

We've got outside seating with plenty of sun and shade. Dogs and children are welcome in the outside areas.

You might even get a sneak-peak
at brewing in progress


Along with our Taproom we also have
a Brewshop, where you can pick up bottles, mini keg & Fisher's Merchendise to enjoy at home!


Monday: Closed

Tuesday: Variable [Call for info]

Wednesday: Variable [Call for info]

Thursday: 12:00pm–6:00pm

Friday: 12:00pm–7:00pm

Saturday: 11:00am–7:00pm

Sunday: Closed



Fisher's will be holding a special Xmas Party on Friday the 21st. All are welcome from 6–11pm. We have music from DJ Martin Harris, with Mexican from El Comenzal tacos and a range of our beers, with beer tokens at £3/drink.

Fisher's Brew Co. members get a FREE pint on arrival!

December 21st


This month on Friday the 25th will be Fisher's open evening. All are welcome from 6–11pm. We have music, street food and a range of our beers, with beer tokens at £3/drink.

Fisher's Brew Co. members get a FREE pint on arrival!

January 25th

Check out the core range & limited run, "Black Label" beers.



Learn more about what we do and why we do it.

What We Do

We create small-batch, distinct beers
for a changing beer market, blending hop-forward modern flavours with traditional, quality cask and keg delivery.

Our range is unique in that each beer is crafted to highlight an independent style with no two being the same.

Born from hours of experimentation
& the search for ever-better beer,
we strive for simplicity and quality in every brew. Influenced heavily by global styles, we like to think we’ve found some distinctly British twists on the classics.

About Our Brand

Fisher's brand is based around
3 key principals; Community, Quality
& Transparency.

We're all about bringing people together for new experiences, great
beers & trying something different.
This is why, at Fisher's, we are up-front
with our beer styles and list the hop and malt profiles so that you know exactly what you are getting and can learn what you love about them.

Friends, food, experience & community
are all great companions to a good beer. At Fisher's, we aim to support these ideas and run monthly open nights to get
people together & run lots of local events to share what we love. Our local area is such a big part of what we do, you can
see it in woven into our branding.

The Design & Branding of Fisher's aims to show the two key aspects of making great beer; the refined control of the brewing process & the artisan creativity needed to make unique beers from the ingredients we use.

Our design showcases this, with a consistent core design and then some unique flair to showcase each beer style.


6 Months for £25
or 12 Months for £45
+ a bonus Pint glass

10% OFF

in our shop

on our open night

just pick your size


8, Central Park Business Centre, Bellfield Rd, High Wycombe HP13 5HG

For more information email us at;

or call us on; 01494 520 038

If that all feels to formal, you can use the form bellow
or get in touch via social media



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